NEW! #KYMedicaid Waiver Toolkit for Federal Comment Period

The 30-day federal comment period for Governor Bevin's proposed Medicaid waiver begins Thursday September 8. During this time, it will be critically important for us to raise our voices and let federal regulators know how the proposed changes will impact the health of Kentuckians and our economy.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Press Secretary Marjorie Connolly issued the following statement after the agency certified the completeness of Kentucky’s application for an 1115 Medicaid expansion waiver:

“Application completeness is an early step in the waiver review process, and simply means that the waiver contains sufficient information to evaluate it. We now begin the federal comment period, during which we look forward to the people of Kentucky sharing their views and questions with HHS. After the comment period and review and consideration of public input, the waiver process usually involves significant additional dialogue between HHS and states. We are prepared to continue working for as long as it takes to find a solution that builds on the historic progress Kentucky has made under Medicaid expansion and avoids moving backwards.”

Raise your voice! The public is encouraged to submit comments at the webpage. For help getting started, be sure to check out our toolkit with resources, talking points and templates below. 

Please share! The following toolkit was created to help Kentuckians understand the impact of the proposed Medicaid changes and speak up.

Infographic "What the proposed Medicaid changes mean for you"

• County-by-county map of coverage gains

• County-by-county map of coverage losses

Updated Survey on proposed changes

One-pager on the value of Medicaid expansion for all Kentuckians

Talking points on Kentucky's health gains and the impact of the proposed changes

Op-ed Template with useful resources

Comment Template with instructions for submitting comments

Stay tuned! Starting next week, KVH will be sharing more information about a number of educational events and advocacy opportunities.

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