The “American Health Care Act” is a repeal bill. Not a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. It guts the ACA, giving away huge tax breaks to the wealthy in exchange for less affordable care for millions of Americans. According to CBO analysis, 14 million people would lose health insurance in 2018, increasing to 24 million in 2026, to finance tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. States would see an $880 billion decline in federal funding, forcing cuts to essential programs and services. The results would be devastating for Kentuckians and our economy.

• Effectively ends Medicaid expansion for nearly half a million Kentuckians.
• Slashes state funding for the regular Medicaid program, shifting $370 BILLION in cost to states over 10 years. This would force states to end coverage and eliminate health care services for seniors, people with disabilities, children and working families.
• Ends the guarantee of Essential Health Benefits like maternity care, mental health and substance use treatment.
• Ends the guarantee of affordable coverage for 1.8 MILLION Kentuckians with a pre-existing condition.
• Raises the cost of health insurance for millions of Americans, with the biggest increases for seniors and moderate-income working people.
o Allows insurers to expand age rating – meaning older Kentuckians can be charged 5 times more than young adults – while drastically cutting tax credits to buy coverage.
o Tax credits are reduced for the majority of Kentuckians. Credits for people under 30 would be capped at $2,000 and only reach $4,000 for people over 60.
o Kentucky marketplace enrollees will see their total health care costs rise $1,804
o Tax credits are reduced for the majority of Kentuckians. Credits for people under 30 would be capped at $2,000 and only reach $4,000 for people over 60.
o Kentucky marketplace enrollees will see their total health care costs rise $1,804 on average if the AHCA is passed.
• Hikes premiums by 30% for anyone who loses coverage for 63 days or more.
• Ends the ACA program that helps cover out-of-pocket costs for many working families making less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.
• Defunds Planned Parenthood completely. No birth control, no cancer screenings, no preventive care.
• Starts a real insurance market death spiral by ending the individual mandate and cutting tax credits while attempting to cover people with pre-existing conditions. People who are the sickest will scrape to find a way to buy coverage while healthier people drop out, leading to a cycle of rising premiums and more people dropping out.
• Sets up a small fund for state-run high-risk pools. Before the ACA, Kentucky’s high-risk pool called “Kentucky Access” was highly subsidized and only covered 4800 people at its peak. It was plagued by high premiums, high deductibles, and long waiting lists.
• Give huge tax breaks – $525 billion over 10 years – to the wealthiest Americans, drug companies, insurers and medical device corporations.

• This bill would strip affordable coverage from working Kentuckians, leaving hundreds of thousands uninsured or facing drastically higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs.
• This bill would leave 24 MILLION Americans without access to affordable health insurance.
• More than 500,000 Kentuckians would lose coverage through the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.
• This bill "caps" Medicaid funding, meaning Kentucky will face drastic cuts over time that would lead to less coverage for children, people with disabilities, and our most vulnerable senior citizens.
• This bill puts funding at risk for schools that providing nurses, health screenings, mental health care, and services for special needs kids.
• This bill could leave 1.3 MILLION Americans without access to substance use treatment.
• This bill benefits the wealthy and healthy at the expense of those who are low-income and sick.
• This bill makes coverage less accessible and affordable. Kentuckians will be left paying hundreds or even thousands more for their coverage. If they can afford it at all.
• This bill would allow insurers to charge older adults astronomical rates. For a 60-year-old earning $26,500 per year, out-of-pocket health insurance costs could rise to $14,600 a year.
• This bill creates a gaping hole in our healthcare safety net, leaving Kentuckians with less protection.
• This bill hurts people with serious chronic illnesses the most, leaving them with bare-bones coverage that comes with drastically higher deductibles. These individuals will once again be forced to go without lifesaving treatment or go into debt to get the care they need.
• This bill provides billions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthy and billion-dollar corporations. These tax cuts for the rich are paid for by taking health care away from lower-income working families and putting at risk the health care of millions of children, seniors, and people with disabilities.
• By 2026, all of the historic coverage gains made under the ACA would disappear and the uninsured rate among the non-elderly would be at or above its 2010 level.

This bill is moving fast! Call 866-426-2631 to leave a message for Senators McConnell and Paul.
Ask them to oppose ANY bill or measure that…
• Reduces coverage for millions of Americans by decreasing subsidies, reducing benefits, or weakening protections for pre-existing conditions.
• Effectively ends Medicaid expansion by phasing out the higher federal match.
• Ends Medicaid as we know it through the use block grants and per capita caps to shift costs to states because both would reduce federal funding significantly over time, forcing states to cut coverage, benefits, and provider payments.

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